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The Memo: Episode 1. Every show needs a Pilot
August 01, 2018 Blake and Desire with Jesse
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The Memo: Episode 1. Every show needs a Pilot

August 01, 2018

Blake and Desire with Jesse

PILOT SHOW. There can only be one. Blake and Desire decide to capture their first podcast episode and record it, hence altering space/time continuum forever. Offices will never be the same. Tune and make sure to share to anyone who would like a trip to an alternative universe.

PILOT SHOW. There can only be one. Blake and Desire decide to capture their first podcast episode and record it, hence altering space/time continuum forever. Offices will never be the same. Tune and make sure to share to anyone who would like a trip to an alternative universe.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:16Business, you are listening to the paper clinic memo with your hose. Blake Stewart and deseret Stewart. Was that the same last name? I think so. Is it a different spelling though? There's no favorites. Tourism here, there's no favoritism here. It might be the same power. Welcome to the paper clinic memo. This is our very first show. We are broadcasting from the space coast podcast studio and we are very fortunate to be an Ini production. Oh, we're. Oh Jesse Hall. So taking care of business. I. There is nothing, and maybe this is because I'm a different generation than the other two are, but I have to tell you that being a gen x or there's something about Bachman Turner overdrive that gets me pumped every morning. You're not even generation X. I'm definitely generation x in iol. That is not a real thing. That is not a real thing.

Speaker 2:1:27It totally is. I was just published,

Speaker 1:1:30uh, I don't know who published that. Was it CNN.

Speaker 2:1:35I'll stay tuned for next week and I'll let you know who did, but it's definitely a defined term at this point in time. You are an x an iol.

Speaker 1:1:43I wore flannel and Gencos in highschool and so do people my age. That's. That would be weird if that was true. That would be a little weird because people were already making fun of Gencos while I was in high school. Well, I didn't say there were the popular kids. They came. They went so paper clinic. Did you get the memo? I got the memo. So this is our show are. We are two of the three partners in the paper clinic, which is a brand new business accelerator coming at you from Vieira, Florida and we're very excited about it.

Speaker 2:2:23Right. In the space coast it's a really good time to be a bravard resident or population is booming and sore. The small businesses and if you don't know about space coast, we have the space center, thus the name and we have a lot of big engineering firms and more engineers per capita

Speaker 1:2:43I think. Then silicon valley are we second was silicon valley. I think we might have the most rocket scientists in the world.

Speaker 2:2:55Exactly, and that's why it's good because it's bringing up a lot of the economy in the space coast and as the perfect time and place to put an accelerator and to really help out the professionals who support all the engineers and the associated businesses that support the space center and other tech in the area.

Speaker 1:3:14I know that we're all about launching on the space coast. Why don't you tell some of our listeners what an accelerator is.

Speaker 2:3:25Accelerator is a place in which you could go with a small business or an idea or some type of intervention and be surrounded by professionals who can really help you launch your business or idea or invention. So, uh, the whole reason why we got into this game is a blake, I know you don't like telling people this but you're, you're an attorney.

Speaker 1:3:53Well, I definitely was not going to lead with that because I was hoping people would get to know us. Maybe like us now. There's no chance of that.

Speaker 2:4:02Sorry guys, if you haven't caught on already. The Stewart is a or married. So I have to live with this. One of us has to have a soul, so I am not an attorney, I am a business person. I keep the soul intact.

Speaker 1:4:19So not only am I a client, I'm also a member, so stuart law is our law firm that we started from the ground up from my house home base, from your. Technically it's your house. I was living there first. You were definitely living the Bachelorette pad and I feel like you pushed me. I was working at A. I thought I kicked you in a place where I was working at a very prestigious fortune 500 company and I'm not going to name any names, but suffice it to say every time anybody in bravard county flips on the light switch to start their day fishing lake. Stuart, they should thank me. Now having said that, uh, I think that's kind of where we birthed the idea for the paper clinic because we left there. Well, I didn't exactly leave. I consider myself forceably ejected when I met you.

Speaker 2:5:25You did. We got married and both of our careers, we're in full swing. I wouldn't met. When did we get married? He got married June fifth, 2015. When did we meet? February 15th, 2015.

Speaker 1:5:42When were you going to move to Orlando with me? Never. I'm a beach girl. Forcibly at Jack did

Speaker 2:5:54well, what? We tried it for a couple of months. Uh, I think any newly wed couple can assess to that's hard. And when the commute takes two hours to get home and you have a new needy wife, uh, there was a lot of whining involved.

Speaker 3:6:12Can you say that into the microphone one more time

Speaker 2:6:14there. There was some nagging and why not? But I think it was, there was a crazy motorcycle accident and his hook, you probably like four or five hours to get home and it was really bad and we kinda looked at each other and I think you were also late that day too because there was another accident. So it was a double whammy and we're just like, we looked at each other. We're like, this is not, this is not the type of uh, is not happiness. Right? So we decided to start a business.

Speaker 3:6:46Anybody who commutes from the space coast into central Orlando feels my pain. Exactly. Sometimes it takes you 45 minutes, sometimes it takes you five hours,

Speaker 2:6:55but we are friends with a lot of fellow solo practicing attorneys in the area and we grew quite fast and I like to say that it's a lot of the partnership and networking that we did with other people, but I don't think a lot. This was your second run at being a solo practicing professional,

Speaker 3:7:14which, which leads me to my next point, which is I don't think that you gave yourself enough credit there. I think that the reason for our growth and the reason why we can afford such prestigious producers as Ini productions and space coast podcast studios is because why don't you tell our listeners about your education background?

Speaker 2:7:36Why are the occasion backgrounds very mixed. But I went to Undergrad. I went to usf go gators for microbiology and Soil Science. So I spent two years of my life, uh, in a research lab smelling like equal lie in alcohol. So I smelled like a poopy alcoholic on the bus to and from school every day.

Speaker 3:7:56I noticed the studio smells like that. Sometimes. Jessie, Jessie does a wonderful job of cleaning it up. But I mean, you know, sometimes radio gets hard talk based comes broadcast studios.

Speaker 2:8:13I have a feeling there's more than laminated and our cups here

Speaker 3:8:17and we'd like to thank Michelle from athletics regional office, which coincidentally is also a member of the paper clinic for sponsoring this hour with her lemonades. So thank you AFLAC. And specifically Michelle.

Speaker 2:8:34Thank you Michelle. But so I got tired of smelling like a poopy alcoholics. So I decided that I did not want to be a researcher and if anybody's. I loved all my research associates but uh, they are a different personality and I was a little bit. My husband likes to say that I'm not an extrovert, but I like people more than being in a research booth all day. So, uh, or bench so to speak. But anyways, so I thought I was going to be a doctor and when she know it people don't like Doogie howser's anymore. Be careful. Well, yeah. But he tried a lie and I think he was more patient than I was. I'm going to give him that credit. He's definitely more patient because I took a gap year and I had to reapply for med school. I got wait listed at the, some top tier medical schools, but they're like, you're too young. How do you, how are you gonna tell people they have cancer and to have the faith and you know, I get that. I don't even know if I have that skill now to be honest. But um, I learned real fast because I was a medical assistant for in my gap year and

Speaker 1:9:48no name naming no names. We're not naming any names

Speaker 2:9:52names, but I could definitely tell that the business people who owned the medical companies or more had more happiness and more free time than the actual doctors. So I got smart. Luckily I had to take that gap year and I got my mba in healthcare management at fit. So thank you. Florida Tech. Go Panthers to go gators and go panthers,

Speaker 1:10:15go gators. Go Panthers. Both predators in the wild. And speaking of Panthers, we've got an original signed. Is that a lithograph? Jesse Hall. Jesse Hall. Is that a lithograph? You can't ask me anything, right? You're the producer. Just going to make you a character on this show. I'm not miked up. We can hear you.

Speaker 2:10:43It is a quality prints from Chris maslow and low sign. Then he is his lovely girlfriend. Used to do our hair and then now we get to see all his amazing artwork in downtown Melbourne. So.

Speaker 1:11:00So Chris as well. Chris Maslow is incredibly talented and I've known him for quite a while and the first time I'm going to embarrass him right now. The first time I met Chris Maslow, he got into a car accident in his truck, which was filled with uncapped paint right in front of where we were getting our hair done. People are paying job now. It's true. No, it's an amazing paint job. And that was the first time I saw Chris maslow. He was the Christmas of many colors and now he's super successful and he's responsible for that beautiful mural, the beautiful fit girl in downtown Melbourne of the Panther. And we're gonna

Speaker 4:11:54cut to a quick break and I'll tell you the rest of our featured guest host your own show face to face podcast of

Speaker 3:12:26a lot of people who want to know what the paper clinic is and honestly the paper clinic is a lot of things. It's a collaborative space where you can come and bounce ideas off other professionals. You can get advice from professionals in the field, you can get legal advice, insurance advice, and you can be the expert. You can advise people as to things that you know about. But the paper clinics a lot more than that. When the paper clinic works together, it becomes a one stop shop for anybody who wants to start a business. You can walk right in one door, the paper clinic, and you can get your business formed. You can get your business insured, you can get a tax plan, you can get marketing and you can walk right out the other side of the paper clinic with a turnkey business, the paper clinic, big firm resources for the small business. Check us out on the web. The paper or on facebook at the paper clinic

Speaker 5:13:28and we are your hosts for the program where we talked about being raised in Puerto Rico, in growing up in Puerto Rico and now living here in the state and raising our kids here in the state. Tony in every week. And please follow us on facebook. I'd bring down though podcast. Oh No, I'm Bev Ameliana.

Speaker 6:14:01Where did he get the memo?

Speaker 3:14:14Yeah, are are. You know, I've got the memo right here. It was a one time thing and I've got the memo and it's not going to happen again. I'll make sure you get a copy of that memo. This is definitely gonna happen again and some tremendous music.

Speaker 6:14:33Tremendous.

Speaker 3:14:36But is that a burning heart? Was it burning heart? Jessie. Jessie, Jessie Hall inr productions. You're going to be a permanent fixture of this podcast. If you keep referring to me, I'd love to share the mic. You, but yes, that was survivor

Speaker 1:14:53Bernhard Wolf

Speaker 2:14:58pack. So before the break we were kind of talking about how we started. We got married really fast. I had just graduated fit with my mba and I was managing a successful medical office and uh, I'd like to think that I was pretty good at it. I still keep in contact with all my old employees and doctors. And. And you were a successful attorney and very, you did not like corporate life.

Speaker 1:15:23That's very nice of you to say successful attorney. Uh, I was not expecting any of that. I was caught off guard by her previous statement would be on your toes. I, I, you know, I love bravard county and my wife skipped a part of her educational background. Would you like, would you like to fill in? Where'd you go to high school? Space Coast space goes high school mascot. Class of 2009 vipers. How'd you do mid pack? You went to you a few. Must have done pretty well.

Speaker 2:16:04I, I, I was Valedictorian and class president. They only gave me one speech though.

Speaker 1:16:10Okay. So now that we know what I'm up against, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to point out that I'm not a bravard county original resident, but I grew up in Palm Beach County and I fell in love with [inaudible] as soon as I got here because I realized that Varde County is exactly the way Palm Beach County was 30 years ago. We need to keep it that way. Kurt Smith, I'm talking to you. You're doing a good job. You're doing a good job. Kurt Smith. I see you. We're going to talk about that later,

Speaker 2:16:50but yes, I've been here in bravard county since I was I think nine years old, so most of my, a good part of my adolescence and most of my adulthood. I left for obviously to go to college by. I've returned back and you know, obviously I grew up in Port St John and I moved to Melbourne because you never want to be too close to family. Do we? Do we blake who popped in at 7:38 AM this morning?

Speaker 1:17:15Well, I'd like to take this moment to plug my parents who have no business whatsoever. They just showed up at our house. This is my radio voice. Am I doing okay? It, love it, love it, love it. Showed up at seven, 20:00 AM this morning. Looking forward to it wasn't an emergency. Listen, when my parents are involved, it's always an emergency and I'm always ready

Speaker 2:17:44always. And. And they're the ones who live in Tennessee and West Palm Beach. Yeah, I think they pop in more than my.

Speaker 3:17:50That's enough and away as long as long as we're talking about Stewart's in the emergencies. If you have the good fortune of running into Dave Stewart, he's a contract doctor. He's the best. Yes. Yes. So this is our first radio show. I hope you don't judge us. I am a really big fan of the Joe Rogan experience. I invite all of our first time listeners to listen to his podcast and his first one and compare it.

Speaker 2:18:23Very true.

Speaker 3:18:25We've also got a professional producer that knows what he's doing. He may have been around the block a couple of times with his production company, Ini productions, and we like to. We're very fortunate to have space coast podcast studios in the paper clinic. We like to colloquially call it the paper clinic studios, but it's not. We all know what it is. East Coast based Ghost podcast. So anyway, my wife and I met, we fell in love. There was no chance that she was coming out to Orlando because she was a beach girl. No Way. And she's like, you know, I miss you all day when you're at work. I want you to start your own business. I think you're, she said all of these things to me. I think you're great. I think that revard county is the place to be and I think that you're honest and you should be an attorney out here and people will like you. And I really feel like an adopted son, revard county. It's, I'm so fortunate to be here. Uh, I and I bought my first chair from Cathy Meaghan, so I would like to be the first person to suggest that they do away with term limits for mayor because I think the. Kathy Meaghan. Alright, thanks cathy. Meaghan should be the mayor of Melbourne forever.

Speaker 2:19:57Yes. But, so you had tried the solo. I do love Cathy Meaghan. She's so sweet. But you had tried to solo practicing thing before.

Speaker 3:20:06Well, I did it in a Miami beach as a criminal defense attorney and a.

Speaker 2:20:14and how'd you feel about that? I got a job, got a job. He knew how hard it was. It's a struggle for small businesses to market and to know what to do and be on top of their books and then actually produce the work product that they're advertising all the time. And that was luckily we had the privilege of starting out and I kept my job full time for about six months. And then we finally, I looked at him after spending a 60 hour work week because I would do 40 hours and come home and work. And I was like, Hey, I'm not doing this. No,

Speaker 1:20:50she's a millennial, ladies and gentlemen. So I don't know what you heard or what you think. But that millennial a stigma not true. There's an exception to every rule. Ha Ha, that's the genex comment.

Speaker 2:21:09But um, but so we started moving pretty fast and we didn't stay home base for a long time and we,

Speaker 1:21:17we got our first office to say the actual name of it. I'm going to say the name, I'm going to say the company. I have really nice things to say. I've really nice things to say about everywhere I've ever been in Broward County. This county has been very good to me. My first office was in these Sarno business center and um, central Melbourne central Melbourne Sarno road. Is it 1600 Sarno, Sarno road, suite 106. And uh, it was, it was a broom closet. It's really. No, no, no, that's ridiculous. Oh, it was a film closet. Okay. Jesse, we're relying on you to edit all of this. We don't want. Just tell them was a bakery. It was great. But we outgrew it really fast. And then did we launch our business? Did we launch our businesses from the SAR? No. Business Center.

Speaker 2:22:31We did. And you know what, we even got our biggest clients in there, you know, and, and made some of the best connections in there. And

Speaker 1:22:41so it served us well for sure. I'm going to link the picture of US picking the keys up to this podcast so you'll be able to click the link. Our producer is amazing. I don't even know how to do this. I'm promising all of this. None of it could happen, but I'm counting on our producer Jesse Hall to be as amazing as he looks. It looks like Superman. He put the knife away. Gentlemen away, a bottle opening. So we started this business center and we. I'm going to tell you something. I smile every time I pass the Sarno business center and every time we pass it together, I looked at my wife and I say, Hey, we started there and then we're going to finish the paper clinic store. We

Speaker 2:23:37moved from there because we outgrew it. And then we thought we wanted to be in Malabar and then we figured out that was a away from the. They wanted to be

Speaker 5:23:46is for people who don't know Malabar

Speaker 7:23:49we're.

Speaker 5:23:50It's about 21, 20 minute drive from. Everything was beautiful. It was. It was the most beautiful drive. Yeah,

Speaker 3:23:57it is. The most beautiful drive I've ever had to work. It is the most scenic and I think that even though this is probably the most professional office I've ever had, I think that might've been the nicest office I've ever had up for debate, for debate. Well, of course my wife is in my office now, so actually this is my nicest office.

Speaker 5:24:23All right, we're going on a quick break. We'll be right back.

Speaker 6:24:27Say too, is that Huey Lewis and the news is a curious thing. Another man

Speaker 4:24:55listening to the podcast network. If you'd like to be featured Africa or fonts or steer on the show, please. Phase cost a half a mail dot coast Space podcasts. You're listening.

Speaker 3:25:21Hey, make sure you check out space. Cowboy, Stewart and Paul daily. We're going to be talking about interesting legal issues and the entertainment industry and everything. Geek. If you're into star wars, Star Trek, Lord of Rings. Comic books were talking about it coming at you from the space coast podcast studios.

Speaker 5:25:45I'm Bev Amelianna and we are your hosts for being done by the program where we talked about being raised in Puerto Rico and growing up in Puerto Rico and now living here in the state and raising our kids here in the state. Tony in every week. And please follow us on facebook. I've been in Gando Starrco podcast 40. I'm Bob. I'm the data pulling data.

Speaker 1:26:36Every time I get the signal from our phenomenal producer to fade in, these playing such amazing inappropriate music, I just want to be quiet. Boy Blake, he has to ask me. It's Bonita. Deseret. I want you to listen to my friends. Oh my gosh. My Spanish to failing me. Jumping the pond with VV. Marie really gotten built l shock though. Could you say that one more time, but in Condo, condo and article. And where does that get recorded? Speck coming at you from the paper clinic. So I'm going to do so I promised to bring us back in. So it's my turn. Um, we went from the Malabar office to where we're at now. We went to seven, three, three, one, office park place. Seven, three, four, one. Well, but we were, we are, but that's not where we're at in the story steward alone. The paper clinics. Seven, three, four, one. Office park place, suite two. Oh, two upstairs. First left from the elevator. He look for those signs, but when we first moved here it was our third move in 14 months. And Lord Rockdale from LPL financial that thousand. Excellent. Our role. Can you do that again? We're a pure thought that was the same stewart. Ladies and gentlemen. So you might actually be listening to some foreplay right now. One more time. One more time.

Speaker 1:28:30Thank you for your assistance. Use that Spanish for Jesse. So rockdale from LPL financial brought us into his building and if you want to talk about an embarrassment of riches, it was robbed Dale. It was Paul Daily, daily law and this is a business show. So we want everybody to be incredibly successful and sometimes you can be successful and you just need a bankruptcy. Call us. Call us sometimes. Taxes Jack you up. Call me and Paul Daley from daily law. Seven, three, three, one office park place. And if you do really well, you call Rob Dale, seven, three, three, one office park place.

Speaker 2:29:20Robin, Paul, I really good friends and I think there, there are a large part of our success and that they really helped us with best

Speaker 1:29:28breast practices and slip

Speaker 2:29:32best practices and kind of showing us the way as a new business in this county

Speaker 1:29:37breast practices. But what we actually met them through

Speaker 2:29:42Allen for sure.

Speaker 1:29:43Who is an alarm and that's a different conversation for a whole nother podcast. A whole show on stage. Financial. Yeah. We Love, we love Alan. I have so many. So Alan, I'm calling you out. Alan was the Schick guy. Dr. Basketball on camera in a commercial. Oncommand. That's all I'm going to say for now. We're going to have him as a guest is going to be great. But

Speaker 2:30:16Oh, we were with Paul and rob her while and uh, we were in one office kind of sharing it, weren't we? Did you like being that close to me?

Speaker 1:30:28Well, there is so much to say about that because rob actually had two spaces. He just recognized that our marriage was so strong. Boody was so juicy. I know you had your own desk, you had a dedicated desk in the corner and I am Hispanic. Your kind of Hispanic and that dedicated

Speaker 2:30:55Spaniard. Thank you very much.

Speaker 1:30:58Rockdale carved a piece out of the wall just for your booty.

Speaker 2:31:08Anyways, I got tired of being so close to.

Speaker 1:31:12We did. We had to move again. My, my wife, um, aside from having just anyway, what we talked about earlier. Um, she, we have been blessed by this county. We love bravard county. We give back. We give back as often as possible and we're so blessed, but we ran out of space. If it were up to me, I'd still be hanging out with rob and Paul every day. But on Fridays very little got done. Especially if rob was in the office. Rob has a very healthy Stasha Tequila. He does. And he also has a very healthy return on investment. Yes he does. But uh, but so we looked at each other and that was four moves and that was for moves. If you count Dunkin donuts, starbucks, Bombay, starbucks, Melbourne, where there were a lot of coffee shops involved in that,

Speaker 2:32:13but, but I think, I think all of the wife's can attest that when there is a move, it's really the ladies here who are changing the addresses, reorganizing everything, fung, showing that crap out of every office to make sure it's presentable and all that fun stuff.

Speaker 1:32:36If you have a wife who knows what it means, please call us three, two, one, five, four, one six, eight, four, five. Stuart Law. Ask for deseret.

Speaker 2:32:48But, uh, I, I looked at him and was like, I never want to move again and we need to find a place that we can go and we can grow without having to change the addresses. And if you're a lawyer, you know, that means reporting it to the Florida bar and all that nonsense bar

Speaker 1:33:05working for lawyers in Florida since

Speaker 2:33:09ever. Yes. But, uh, so we, we came up with this idea probably after our second move of that having a place to have an office in grow and to be able to add spaces and desks as we grow our staff. That would be the ultimate place and it would be even more awesome if we could have the amazing professionals like, uh, Jesse Hall, Rob Dale, Paul Daley professionals. Yeah. They're all professionals. They are, you're right. And uh, so we would have grown even faster and even better with having all those people, but being able to grow in one space and that's why we kind of had this idea of the incubator or accelerator and both our birth and to be honest, I didn't think that it was going to come to fruition. And so we still don't have kids and I didn't think that this idea would come to practice until after kids. Maybe the firm was successful and I just had some money and so stewart law to, to start this, go to get this going. But, um, we went to a Christmas party, Dan, we blake,

Speaker 1:34:32who's Christmas party was and don't name the high profile retired police officer,

Speaker 2:34:39my name, no name, Rosa Reardon, Rosa Rosa Rugosa rose, formerly Rosa Santiago, but we went to their wedding or wedding or productions is gonna edit that out. But so we were, we were at their Christmas party and we had this idea and blake was, uh, drinking and he talks way too much for you guys. Haven't figured this out already, but he was talking to our really good friend Tom Tom, and he's actually going to be our guest today, later on the show, right?

Speaker 1:35:14We're really looking forward to introducing you all to the other partner in the paper clinic. Tom's that back.

Speaker 2:35:21Tom's, Zach and uh, and so blake kind of gave him this petition, my idea of how to incepted the thought incepta now and Kaleo

Speaker 1:35:39know dicaprio. Good Lord.

Speaker 2:35:45But, uh, anyways, and, but lo and behold, tom liked the idea, didn't he?

Speaker 1:35:53Well, I don't want to say that he was a big fan. It wouldn't be prudent to do that at this juncture. But here we are coming at you from the paper clinic studios, it's based podcast studios and whether he was

Speaker 2:36:10hold on that first meeting or not, it called for another meeting and another meeting after that and we actually met in this space in the conference room that everybody uses in the paper clinic and it did not look the way that it looked right now.

Speaker 1:36:27How did it look?

Speaker 2:36:29It was a little bit in shambles. There were, you know, pieces of desks all over

Speaker 1:36:34shambles. Shambles. Ladies and gentleman. Now my wife, my wife is an OCD perfectionist. If she described something as shambles, I'm gonna let you take over. It was professional and that people were using it as business, but it definitely, if it had a face lift, like somebody pushed a family of elephants that were covered in ink out the doors in the front from the back. That's what it looked like. Casper bed. It's a little. It was a little rough but it was.

Speaker 2:37:10That was so. So Tom owns this building.

Speaker 8:37:16Okay.

Speaker 1:37:18It's public record. Why? No, no, it is not public record. Cut this part out. Shut up. Stop laughing.

Speaker 1:37:30It's a wine. Cool properties. Properties. Are you looking for office space in the area and that's what you call ladies and gentlemen, an unintended plug. What? Jesse's jet. You know what? It's gotten to that point in the show Jesus, where I cannot restrain myself any longer. I think I need to share this Mike with Jesse. No, so Jesse and I are old school radio guys. I was Radio Lynn University and we broadcast without a transmitter. It's the statute of limitations is up. Oh, we broadcast with the transmitter, just not one that the FCC approved of and it was like, it was like one of three point one the buzz transmitter. Oh yeah. Oh, oh. Oh Jesse. Where are you from? You're from Dade County. Broward, Broward. Ninety four nines data one. Oh, three point one. The buzz. Yes. My wife, the power FM. My wife has written me. I think she circled. Oh, she circled focus on the show? No, that was dressy circles was because he's doing a yes and a high five. My yes, Yesi and that is use all use y'all. Everybody that's Spanish for Jesse Hall because of course the [inaudible] is silent that Jay is a age that was a Django joke. The T is silent. So,

Speaker 2:39:12so we got the, we got the partnership all set up and then we decided to start the accelerator and uh, you know, get it open for business and make the idea reality as far as having an accelerator and a one stop shop for small businesses wanting to grow or maybe big big businesses trying to downsize but do it in a practical manner. And, and that's how this started. And so what did we do to have to kind of rehab and facelift this space? Blake,

Speaker 1:39:42we hired glass garage plus who is glass garage. Garage. Is George and Georgie or George? Senior and junior to you senior in. Oh, that is your, that is your father in law. My father in law. Your father and it is my father went to eliminate lemonade sponsored by Michele from AFLAC. Regional team with row man. Amazing. Delicious. Minute maid is delicious,

Speaker 2:40:17but yeah, so that's my, my, my dad and my brother. They're a team and my dad came in here and made this office look good. He did hear it better, although drywall and paint and baseboards and you know, we did a lot of rehab and we put together a lot of the. The open offices. We totally reconstructed a reception desk. That is a super awesome and that was a big debacle for another day. Just the reception desk, but we're going to win another break and we'll tell you how

Speaker 8:40:50this was born. Oh, it was born. Is a photo of my check stubs. Jokers to the right here. Stuck in long. Do you keep this on my face?

Speaker 1:42:04I don't know. I just. We're in the studio. We recorded our first podcast and I'm not comfortable releasing that until we've talked to all of our business partners that we mentioned. Jessie,

Speaker 5:42:16but how many people are listening to the space coast podcasts?

Speaker 1:42:21I mean, blake, really it's only a podcast who really listens. Only a pod test. Why would anybody be upset about being mentioned in the podcast? There's no listeners. Nobody listens to podcasts like you can drop all kinds. And I was like, dude, well I saw so second. Everyone's listening to space coast podcast studios, or are they. I mean, everybody asked me, how will people listen to me? We're here. Will people find me, Jesse,

Speaker 5:42:55Hey Alexa, I want to listen to space coast podcast.

Speaker 3:43:01Hey, make sure you check out space. Cowboy, Stewart and Paul daily. We're going to be talking about interesting legal issues and the entertainment industry and everything. Geek. If you're into star wars, Star Trek, Lord Rings, comic books were talking about it coming at you from the space coast podcast studios.

Speaker 5:43:21I'm Amelianna and we are your hosts for the program where we talked about being raised in Puerto Rico and growing up in Puerto Rico and now living here in the state and raising our kids here in the state, Tony and every week. And please follow us on facebook. I've been gung Ho and charcoal podcast.

Speaker 4:43:44It isn't until the faith coast podcast network, if you'd like to be featured as a guest or sponsor or even auto steer on the show, please Okay. Space Coast Space, coast podcasts,

Speaker 9:44:13cooking, cooking, cooking. No. She drank and drank. She called. It

Speaker 10:44:32will come up. I'll go and maybe and Eliana we are live with the paper headache memo with space. Close podcasts were at the talk is hard but the drinks are harder.

Speaker 1:44:49Is that is not part of the end? No, it's not our sponsored by Michele from AFLAC,

Speaker 10:44:58but it happened and you're listening to the paper clinic memo with Blake and deseret Stewart and we had just wrapped up where we were talking about kind of the Rehab and we gave a very abbreviated explanation of Kinda how we gave a face lift to this space but you know really the growth and how fast we grew is because of the partners that we have in the paper clinic and who was one of our first partners like. Do you remember?

Speaker 1:45:29I can't tell if you're quizzing me or if I'm supposed to say Stewart law contracts and corporate

Speaker 10:45:37the initial member and we are a cornerstone member member of the paper clinic, but really, you know we were in the middle of reconstruction. Everything was torn apart. It was a regional. We had a tool box that was just, you know, stationary on a desk and athlete came in and they're like, you know what, we see a lot of potential here and we like the atmosphere. The atmosphere is what brings a lot of people sued the paper clinic because, you know, say what you will about millennials and youngsters, but it's a high energy, you know, we, we come in at 7:00 AM, we don't leave until midnight and you know, it's, it's, it's really been quite a force to see it explode here. But AFLAC, you know, Beth and Mike withrow there, the space coast athletic team, and they saw the potential and they put up with the dust. They put up with the, uh, the drama of the Rehab and

Speaker 1:46:36they put up with a dust mite, reorganized my toolbox. I did not know that, that is news to me. He was all over the place. He picked it up. He's like, Hey Blake, I'm going to help you out. Uh, I know we're not doing business yet, but we will because we're part of the paper clinic. And he picked up all. He went all around the paper clinic, he picked up every loose socket, he picked up every loose extension and he reorganized my toolbox and then he insured it.

Speaker 10:47:11That is too funny, but they, you know, they did. They saw the concept before it was conceived in that and I ended. The last segment was saying board

Speaker 1:47:24born conceived. I think the Stewart's might be trying to have some born

Speaker 3:47:30conceptions, but that's all we're going to say about that.

Speaker 10:47:33Yes it is. But they had a lot of faith and they've been with us since probably what? March, March. We started the revamp in February and they moved in March when we're right in the middle of the dust

Speaker 3:47:45that is being generous. We had moved in in February and we started the dust and they're like, oh yeah, we can ensure this.

Speaker 7:47:54Yeah.

Speaker 3:47:57Yeah, that makes sense.

Speaker 10:48:01So, so they've been quite helpful and bad is quite a business woman herself. So I, I have been known to go into her office and some for some advice and where she would fung way or advise on certain things. Beth fixed the printer. She did. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, and then um, and then along came Jessica Travis Travis offer, so she's a criminal law civil rights law and personal injury attorney that we work closely with and she saw the vision to, although that was specifically what, what did she say? What was the reason why she came here? Blake.

Speaker 3:48:46All she does is when.

Speaker 7:48:48Yeah,

Speaker 10:48:51but you know, she saw it and she saw that it was well organized so she came onto and suffered through some desk for awhile. And then, um,

Speaker 3:48:58Jessica Travis is a criminal attorney, extraordinary. And she's not just a criminal attorney. She's a federal criminal attorney if you get jammed up because you made too much money, you call Jessica Travis and Paul Daley.

Speaker 10:49:18But yeah, so those were our two first members and then we had um, we have. Is that Jessica Travis's

Speaker 3:49:29famous song? That's my theme song.

Speaker 10:49:31And they stayed there. But my hands are. Your hands are up. Members

Speaker 3:49:44of the paper clinic have the same three themes home. Yes, exactly. I almost called it three song because it was three of us.

Speaker 10:49:54But so, so then we had the insurance and the legal atmosphere and uh, I, I don't need to remind our listeners that that's boring,

Speaker 3:50:07just so bored. I'll sign whatever is in front of me.

Speaker 10:50:13But that's when to have, I think our most exciting members came along. And the first was Jesse and he is a long time friend. He's part of the family now.

Speaker 3:50:24Yes, we are family

Speaker 11:50:30and this is the

Speaker 1:50:33hey clinic memo. Anyways, this also, I never had my boom, my mic boom used as an instrument, but blake will figure that out. Is going to tell you about that right now a lot of people don't know about this, but you're going to be listening to his space. Cowboy justice when Blake Stewart and Paul Daley and this was the sound effect from space 2001.

Speaker 10:51:03So. So just to him, to us, he's like, he has a lot of radio background. He's like, Hey,

Speaker 1:51:08a lot of radio background. That's like saying the atomic bomb. It's not that disruptive. And tell them like, my friend is a. I'm sorry, I don't think that's fair. I think that to say that Jesse has a lot of radio background is like saying the atomic bomb is not that destructive,

Speaker 10:51:30but uh, so he, he made the offering and, and the pitcher of having a podcast in the studio and we never really had that idea and to be honest, it's quite fun. It really is. I'm enjoying this. That's

Speaker 11:51:43after an object. Okay. Here's my recollection. Everybody tell it, just tell it. Okay, this is what happened. They were like, we're painting and I can't hang out with you because I got a five inch baseboards going around the office and this is my interpretation of five and a quarter inch baseboards going around and I got windows baseboards up. I know it was you last garage. Yeah, I mean, so it was a family affair here and they would invite me because we're not done. We're embarrassed like this. Let us get done. We're going to have a soft opening. Just be patient. I'm like, come on. Have you ever known me to be patient? Like I love projects. I am. You know, I do real estate full time. I love to see fixer uppers, I love to see people in the process of fixing up a property.

Speaker 11:52:34So I had to intrude and I looked around and I went, this is amazing. How do I participate? How can ah, infiltrate this space? How can I offer something to this membership? How can I. So, you know, my wheels were spinning and uh, I said to myself, there's got to be away that maybe not my real estate, you know, a practice can be a part of this, but maybe I could bring something that I've been wanting to do for a long time which is create a studio for people to get back on the radio and on the airway. And deseret was all ears and blake was all ears. And I says, you know, the membership would love this. We could have a studio within a office space. Who does that? First of all, okay, so now not only is a unique selling proposition, okay, because we're all about that and you know, so now you have a usp, you have something that maybe another office doesn't have a podcast studio.

Speaker 11:53:40And at first we were thinking, well, we have to have a green screen because maybe we'll do photos, but with the videos, maybe we'll do this, maybe we'll do that with this space. And I said, well, let me first just get some people their voice. Let me just help them broadcaster voice as entrepreneurs because we know the, you know, we're different than an incubator startup. The paper, the paper clinic is an accelerator so we're not dealing with, you know, do I find employees to. I follow a pattern. They have an idea. This is where people already have gone through all that process and now they're like, how do I get to the next level? This is how you get to next level guys. You get people on the air, you get people excited about hearing about a product or service or even a hobby or a passion. And when I pitched us, they wrote us. I couldn't believe it, but they said yes. They said yes. And I was like, okay. And now I'm done. Now I got to relinquish the mic as I'm, I'm off my soapbox.

Speaker 1:54:40Think we're done with you yet. I think I need to pull you back in. How many business incubator have a podcasting studio in house?

Speaker 11:54:54So I haven't done the actual search, you know, because I will have a like a metric on that ballpark. A ballpark in bravard non none. Zero. None Guy. Not The new.

Speaker 10:55:11Well that means it never. I'm only half Spanish and sorry.

Speaker 1:55:17And that's a great segue for a goal

Speaker 10:55:23part of our media package at the paper clinic and we're super stoked to have him here. And we're coming to you live from this space. Go His podcast studio and uh, you know, we also have ideal impact media here.

Speaker 1:55:39It does limit our videography minute. Wait a minute, you have a lot to learn about radio ma'am. Ma'Am. And Sir Jesse is running. Jesse is a friend, a good friend. He's always been a good universe going on right now. Just got himself a girlfriend.

Speaker 8:56:07No.

Speaker 6:56:26Okay.

Speaker 3:56:29No, he doesn't know what this, your rate.

Speaker 5:56:41Well now and we are your hosts for the program where we talked about being raised in Puerto Rico, in growing up in Puerto Rico and now living here in the state. And raising our kids here in the state, Tony in every week. And please follow us on facebook. I bring down though Starrco podcast.

Speaker 3:57:04Hey, make sure you check out space. Cowboy, Joe Stewart and Paul Daily. We're going to be talking about interesting legal issues and the entertainment industry and everything. Geek. If you're into star wars, Star Trek, Lord Rings, comic books were talking about it.

Speaker 4:57:21You're listening to the faith coast podcast network. You could like to be featured as a guest or sponsor or even huddle steer on the show. Please. Coals hot Stay host podcasts.

Speaker 8:57:56Oh fuck.

Speaker 10:58:12And you're listening to the clinic, a memo live at space coast podcasts and were with Lake Stuart and I am deserey Stewart in. We just wrapped up the last segment talking about how we didn't talk about how we met Jesse Hall, but that is going to be for our next podcast. That's next week. And that's the whole story. I don't know.

Speaker 3:58:39No, that most of our listeners are allowed to hear that.

Speaker 10:58:45That might be rated R. Well, I'll have to give some bars some shout outs for a next week and that'll be to come. But um, we were, we were kind of wrapping up talking about the partners of the paper clinic and so Jesse was basically his podcast and I and I productions, um, you pitch the podcast and that's awesome. Then that's how you're listening to us right now. And then we also had, so trevor barone has been a longtime friend of ours for years

Speaker 3:59:16and he introduced us to Allston

Speaker 10:59:19in Austin. I don't even know. He doesn't even tell me how to pronounce that last name. It's powers Austin powers, powers, but if you don't know trevor and Austin are the faces of ideal impact media and they are amazing and they do the most professional videography and voiceovers and everything to do with video and commercials that you can imagine. And they're great friends of ours. And if you've seen some commercials, those are the people who have produced that.

Speaker 1:60:00You have seen any of the Jesse Hall. I need your help. Oh, I'm about to start. What is the gambling boat? The Vic, vic, vic, vic, vic. Terry crews, so if you've seen and you liked the victory cruise videos, that's ideal impact media,

Speaker 10:60:19so, but they've been great friends and they've been kind of helping us push this along and doing extra duty, helping us make this a reality and really so the gist of this whole story and the last segment is that we as the paper clinic would not be here in the Stewart law for the fact not be here without all of our partners and our relationships and I think that's something that not a lot of people going into business realize the importance of his eye. You don't get anywhere by yourself.

Speaker 1:60:55Your business is only as strong as your partners and we're very proud to partner with and don't hold me accountable because I've got deseret steward, a managing member of the paper clinic. Call him out. AFLAC regional team with Roe. Just good travis, criminal defense and Pi Attorney extraordinaire, Travis lawfare, Trevis law firm, deseret. Take it away.

Speaker 10:61:21And then Jesse Hall with Space Coast podcasts and I and I productions remax, remax elite and then trevor and Austin with ideal impact media and we also have our two unit and one of our other members, we have two other members which are Alan Bernstein with, with hr office savers.

Speaker 1:61:52So savers, they will save your office because if you grow with us we'll grow together.

Speaker 10:62:00He'll be on the show and the coming weeks talking about his expertise and his experience. And then we also have a dominique colpepper with DC Prince magazine too. So yeah,

Speaker 1:62:15she is so healthy and she's trying to show away. Do you be more healthy with her?

Speaker 10:62:23And we actually had added a Thomas Owens. Blake, you were actually the mind behind that

Speaker 1:62:29name. Names. I don't know that he's very. I don't know that Thomas Owens was ready for an introduction. He likes to be. I think that too likes to be anonymous and I think that North American investors is a, a very welcome addition to the paper clinic.

Speaker 10:62:54But. So anyways, the just of our show and I think what you can expect in the weeks to come months to come years to come to come is how partnerships build relationships and kind of how our partnerships have grown us as individuals and as professionals.

Speaker 1:63:18If you're honest and hardworking and earnest and you continue to work hard and you make relationships, you're an excellent candidate for the paper clinic and even if you can't afford the paver clinic, we want to let you know, stay in the fight.

Speaker 10:63:38But ultimately what, what the paper clinic is is yeah, we want to focus on growing your business, but we wanted to focus on growing your relationships because that's not a skill you can teach. That's not a class you can take to become an expert on. And really this is a collaborative space where everybody's growing with each other because of each other. And that's exactly what we want this show to be about. In addition, you'll probably hear some of the. I know that there's a lot of business couples, couples, and, and that's a whole other struggle and it's a different show, right?

Speaker 1:64:20I think we should. I think we should have that. Jesse Hall. Jesse Hall. What do you think about business couple in my. Yes. That's a whole nother topic that people need to hear about that. It'll be another show and business to come. How to make it work and be successful with your loved one. For business or for pleasure. I like that. Well, anytime I get stopped at the border, I always say because I'm always with my wife. I'm going to say business and pleasure. This was our first shot. Let us know what you think. Like us on facebook, the paper, and if you like facebook, facebook, the paper clinic, the paper clinic, the clinic memo. Deserey. Stuart, what did you think? What'd you think when you heard stuck in the middle? See, I loved it. Did you think about Quentin Tarantino? Bet You didn't

Speaker 4:65:19know. I was born in the nineties. A hall. Thank you for the production time. Thank you Jesse. Guys. Amazing. Until next time. Next time catches next week with the paper clinic.

Speaker 8:65:40Get the memo is April.

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